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He's the in-denial foodie  and she's the Brand Engineer. They are affectionately known to the community as Roc & Q.

Roc grew up in his family restaurants, popularly known as Manna and Chicken Frederic in Benin, Nigeria. Growing up in the restaurant business, he observed the way food, libations and conversation sparked creativity, collaboration, conversation and connection. 

Q (Quadeera) also grew up in the family business, marketing educational services to South Florida urban communities in Miami-Dade and Broward County, before venturing off on her own in 2011 as a life and marketing coach for women in business. For the last decade, she's successfully curated events and opportunities for female entrepreneurs and creatives to manifest their dreams and ideas into successful businesses.

While sitting at the kitchen counter in 2018, discussing Black art, Black wealth and Miami Art Basel, Roc & Q, founded the company Afroartbeats, a lifestyle brand focused on strengthening the connection between Africa and it's diaspora through arts and entertainment.

Roc & Q take pride in curating experiences that allow folks to express the highest version of themselves while having a damn good time. Together the two nostalgically create spaces where movements are built, art is created, songs are written, freedom is expressed and change is made.

With the support of family, friends and loyal community, the two founders are committed to creating innovative experiences for South Florida to create, collaborate, converse and connect as a means for healing, growth and expansion within the culture.

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